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Exterior and interior remodeling can be done for your home by our experienced Durham roofing and remodeling contractors at Ram Exteriors. It’s that time of year again when the holidays and cold weather has arrived, so having a professional interior or exterior remodeling project done by a team that’s experienced is important. The last thing you want is to have to delay any construction because your remodeling company lacks the appropriate sized crew or skill. Count on Ram Exteriors as your go-to remodeling company and you’ll never have to worry that the work gets done with high quality workmanship on time and on budget.

Sellersville roof being inspected and repaired

Exterior Remodeling After Storms in Durham

Storms can be very destructive to your home’s exterior building materials. You could have heavy tree limbs thrown around that destroy your roof, hail damages, wind and rain damages, and more. Your siding and roof are the most vulnerable during such times because they are the largest surface areas of your home and do the most to protect it from the elements.

Whether you need storm damage repair or just want to enhance your curb appeal with a little upgrading, our experienced remodeling company can assist you. Let us check out your roof or siding after a storm and asses your damages with our professional Durham roof inspections and you’ll be sure to have all you need during the restoration process. You can trust our decades worth of exterior remodeling experience for any of your home’s restoration needs!

Durham Roof Replacements

Your Durham roof may need to be replaced at some point. Until then, it can be repaired by our professional roofers at Ram Exteriors. Whether it’s time to replace it or just repair it, we’ll always be upfront and honest with you about the condition of your roof.

If you know you have a roof leak or you just suspect it, it’s always best to have a professional inspection done to assess damages, especially after a storm has come through Durham. You’ll need to repair your roof quickly if there are problems, so be sure you’re calling in soon after the storms.

Bathroom Remodeling in Durham

There’s no time like the present to get your Durham bathroom looking sharp for the holidays. We can make quick work of your bathroom remodeling! Whether you’re expanding or just upgrading your bathroom, our interior remodeling team can give you the great new look and functional space you’re looking for.

Your bathroom is a vital area of your home that you count on every day. If you’re ready to make a much needed change to it, let us show you some ideas of what we can do with the space. You’ll soon be enjoying a new bathroom that you’ll be proud to show off this holiday season!

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