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At Ram Exteriors, our professional home improvement contractors are only a phone call away. If you have damages to your roof or siding, or just want to install a gutter system, we can help you. We are also available for emergency service calls 24/7.

Professional Roofing Contractors in Coopersburg

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Finding a leak or other problems in your roof is not always an easy thing to do. Unless you have the trained eye that an experienced roofing contractor has, you may not realize there is a problem until much later down the line. Even tiny nail holes can cause mold growth in your attic, so you can imagine what can happen if water continues to leak down into the area.

The areas where materials meet can be the problem as well if the proper shingles or flashing installation was not followed. Professional roofing contractors will know exactly where to look and will be able to tell right away if the roof is damaged.

Siding Repair in Coopersburg

Without a complete seal from moisture, you can easily be supporting an environment perfect for mold growth. When your siding is properly repaired and sealed once again, you and your family are protected. A small problem that needs repair can easily turn into something more costly, so it’s good to call your siding repair professionals right away.

Certain insects are also drawn to damaged areas of your home. Or worse, rodents have easy access when there’s already a weakened area they can infiltrate. Keeping your exterior in good repair will go a long way to keeping your family and belongings safe from these potential problems.

Gutter Installation in Coopersburg

Proper gutter system on your home are important for several reasons. You’ll first and foremost be helping to ensure that your roof and foundation are well protected from any possible water pooling damages. Rainwater runoff issues can be a huge problem if the water pools and gathers around the foundation of your home. The water will work its way underneath the slab and cause the soil to erode away.

Once this happens, you’ll certainly have foundation problems that have to be repaired right away. Since the solid structure of your home can hang in the balance, installing gutter systems to route the water away from your home is the right thing to do. Gutter installation will do much to solve these problems.