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Are you searching for a roofing company that goes the extra mile? With RAM Exteriors supporting your project, we combine economical and stylish with durable and proven protection. With over 30 years of experience improving modern renovations and like-new repairs across Souderton, consider your roof leaks, drafty windows, or unsightly siding issues solved.

Our Services Include:

  • Roof repairs and replacements
  • New roof installations
  • Roof inspections and maintenance
  • Emergency roof repair services
  • Siding and exterior services
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Our roofing, siding, and window services in Souderton always include free design support. Even for basic repairs, our roofing contractors are here to provide a spotless restoration that upgrades your home’s aesthetic. Beyond the like-new repair, if you have exciting renovation plans for a trending or creative exterior finish, we offer our clients an expansive portfolio of modern, traditional, and timeless styles.

Regardless of the shingle, siding, or window style you like, expect superior product longevity with RAM Exteriors. We exclusively source trusted brands and ultra-tough material types that are engineered to withstand freezing, thawing, and heavy winds with unrivaled reliability. With top materials like moisture-resistant vinyl, energy-efficient glass, and hail-resistant shingles, your home is protected through every season.

When You Should Consider Replacing Your Roof

Depending on the materials, climate, installation quality, and roof maintenance frequency, lifespans can range from 5 to 50 years or longer! But, for the average shingled home in a moderate climate, 20 years is a safe approximation.

Since countless variables can affect roofing lifespan, it’s important to inspect and maintain your roofing on a routine basis. While spot repairs and upkeep can significantly prolong the life of your roof, even the strongest materials will eventually succumb to age and decay. So, like any other proactive task, it’s important to invest in a replacement before your roofing materials in Souderton have the potential to collapse or cause costly moisture damage.

It may be time to replace your roofing in Franconia, PA if:

  • Your shingles are showing obvious signs of wear like curling, buckling, or missing sections
  • You see sagging, rusting, or other signs of visible damage that may lead to leaks or collapse
  • You notice issues underneath your roofing materials; look for water stains along the drywall, mildew and musty odors in the attic, and any other moisture-related signs that may indicate your roofing materials are beginning to fail


While you can detect many of these issues yourself, a professional rooftop inspection should be performed after a serious storm and/or on an annual basis to inspect hard-to-reach roofing elements. Our code-compliant inspections evaluate crucial features like flashing, gutters, and other materials that are difficult to evaluate from the ground.

The Benefits of Hiring Experienced Roofing Contractors

Our installation and roof repair experts in Chalfont and Souderton combine safety with precision. As important as providing a beautiful finish, our licensed and insured professionals are dedicated to code-compliant home safety. Your family depends on reliable roofing and siding, and we stand behind every installation with leading warranties, better material choices, and turnkey project management for a stunning upgrade in less time.

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Excited to explore the many ways we can bring out the best in your residential project? Our company makes it easy to get started with free estimates and no-obligation design consultations. Before committing to anything, we will gladly walk you through our best siding and roof materials side-by-side.

For other emergency needs, such as a roof leak repair or storm damage to your siding, our roofers provide around-the-clock maintenance and restorations. Our well-equipped roofers can improve your property and restore your home’s safety, reach out to our experienced contractors for a free estimate, fair pricing, and faster service today.