What You Should Consider About Basement Finishing

If you’ve been meaning to finish the basement in your Hatfield home, reaching out to a roofing and remodeling contractor could be the push you need to actually do it. Knowing where to start in the basement finishing process is difficult, but there are a few things you must consider when planning your basement remodeling.


Basements are versatile spaces that can act as game rooms, laundry rooms, music rooms, craft rooms, pantries, dens, and guest bedrooms. Before you begin planning your basement finishing, you need to determine the function of you basement according to your household’s tastes and requirements.

Building Codes

If your basement finishing will include plumbing or wiring installation, you should make sure that you don’t need a permit to make these modifications or that you acquire a permit. After installation, the plumbing or wiring might have to be inspected. Additionally, some local municipalities require direct access to the outdoors because of building and safety codes, so your roofing and remodeling contractor may have to add a door that leads outside as well.

Radon Testing

A key element of basement finishing is radon testing. You should test your basement’s radon levels because radon is a radioactive gas created by decaying uranium that is both colorless and odorless. Radon is present in soil, so it’s usually found in large concentrations in the lower levels of homes. Long-term exposure to high levels of radon is hazardous.


The lighting you select for your finished basement usually depends on your basement’s function. Recessed lighting is popular because it doesn’t take up as much space as surface lighting. Once you choose types of light fixtures, you need to decide if you’ll add fluorescent, incandescent, or LED lights.


Because basements tend to accumulate moisture, surfaces can become damaged by mold and mildew growth. To prevent this problem, install vapor barriers to the walls and floors, repair cracks in foundation walls, and look for water damage before finishing the basement.


Work with your roofing and remodeling contractor to ensure that your finished basement has sufficient insulation to increase energy efficiency, absorb sound, manage humidity, and control temperatures.

Once you’ve carefully considered the many components of basement finishing in Hatfield, you’re ready to remodel your basement with the help of roofing and remodeling professionals at RAM Exteriors.