5 Things You Should Know About Shingles Roofing

5 Things You Should Know About Shingles Roofing

Shingles might seem average at first glance, but there are many interesting facts about them that you might not be aware of. As professional roofing contractors in Doylestown, PA, we’re here to tell you 5 things you should know about shingle roofs:

1. Shingle Roofs Can Last For 20+ Years

If you’ve ever had a roofing contractor tell you that shingle roofs need to be replaced every few years, then it’s best to find a different one. In reality, shingle roofs are made to last 20-25 years at a minimum, so long as they are installed by a quality contractor. 

2. Shingles Come In Many Different Designs

You might know shingles by their iconic rectangular design, but if you’re looking for a more unique exterior, there are options out there for you. If you’re looking to go bold with your design, you can consider a multicolored design with architectural shingles. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a more subtle touch, there are plenty of neutral tones from teak to white, and using a three-tab design will ensure your roof looks uniform.

3. Shingles Are Layered

While asphalt shingles seem like they are made of just that — asphalt — this is not the case. Instead, they are made up of four parts: fiberglass, asphalt, granules, and sealant. Here is a simple guide to each:

  • Fiberglass gives the structure of the shingles
  • Asphalt is used for weather resistance
  • The granules are the colored, textured surface of the shingles
  • Sealant is used to stick the shingles to the roof

Shingles are layered in this way for maximum durability and weatherproofing, which is why a good roof is capable of protecting your home during storms.

4. Shingles Can Be Eco-Friendly

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old shingles once they’re at the end of their lifespan? Most of the time, they are recycled. In particular, the asphalt in shingles is a recyclable material. Once recycled, asphalt can be used for a variety of purposes, including paving roads and filling in potholes.

5. Shingle Roofs Are More Advanced Than Ever

Shingle roofs might not look different from how they did years ago, but they have changed. The main shift was not the outside of the shingles but the inside. Shingles used to have a felt paper base rather than fiberglass. While they were decently durable, they lacked the same strength and fire resistance as fiberglass, all while remaining more expensive. Due to this change, asphalt shingle roofs are now more affordable and durable than ever. 

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