Hardieplank Siding


RAM Exteriors is proud to be a provider of James Hardie Hardieplank ® when only the best will do. Of course, when it comes to your house, it always should be nothing but the best.

Your siding is put to the test each day by the elements, and by Mother Nature herself. You can rest assured, this type of siding material will withstand everything that the great outdoors can dish out. Your local Hardieplank siding company is ready to provide!

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Hardieplank ® Siding From a Qualified Industry Expert

What makes this siding a leader in the industry? Bad weather is always a threat to the exterior of your house and you need to protect it with resilient siding. With Hardieplank ® that is exactly what you get. Other materials, such as wood or even vinyl, can often crack under the pressure – literally. This siding was designed with every climate in mind. Taking the most extreme of conditions from each climate into consideration, Hardieplank ® was created to withstand the worst of the worst. Much of its famed durability derives also from the fact that it has a resistance to both moisture and rot. While other materials end up adding fuel to the fire, James Hardie has developed siding that does not ignite when exposed to a direct flame. You can also feel good knowing that this material holds up well over time. Not only that, it still looks good while doing so. Find out for yourself why James Hardie is the #1 brand in the country when it comes to siding popularity.

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Hardieplank ® siding is more elegant, as well as better-suited for historic homes. It holds up against all types of conditions, as well as any weather that’s possible. The bottom line is that your home is your most important investment, and this is a vital way to protect and improve that asset. Our team for the workmanship, James Hardie for the materials, and your exterior will be safeguarded and beautified.