Roof Replacement


When repairs are not enough, roof replacement is your best option. Here at RAM Exteriors, we believe in trying to always opt for repairs, if possible, unless otherwise requested by the client.

At a certain age though, it makes more sense to invest the money into replacing your rooftop, as opposed to carrying out more repairs. Improve the visual aesthetics, value and, most importantly, the integrity of your roof and home by letting us, your roof replacement specialists, execute your replacement services.

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Roofing Replacement From a Qualified Industry Expert

Many homeowners worry about being duped into getting roof replacement when all they need is repairs. So how can you tell if you really need replacement? Know the current age of your roofing. Depending on the type of material, your roof should last a minimum of 20-25 years, unless compromised by something like storm damage. If a so-called pro tries to tell you otherwise, get a second opinion. If you can see daylight through your roof, it is probably past repairs. Another sign that you have roof damage of this magnitude is if you find moisture in the insulation. Missing or damaged shingles in the valley of the roof surely mean you have leaks or at least moisture intrusion. This generally causes enough significant damage that replacement makes more sense than repairs. Of course, you can avoid being the victim of a con like that by making it a point to work only with genuine industry experts, like our team of pros.

Call Us For Your Next Roof Replacement

Don’t make the mistake of putting off getting roof replacement, in a timely manner. Procrastinating when it comes to repairs is what leads to the need for replacement before it should be time.

Neglecting to address replacement needs as soon as possible can lead to serious structural damage. The essential way to have success with your roofing is to let us address all of your service requirements. For your shingle roof replacement in Montgomery County, PA, and other roofing services across the area, contact us today.