How To Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer

Does your attic get hot every summer, resulting in increased energy bills? You’re not alone! Thankfully, you can get help from the best roofing contractors in Devon to keep your bills lower. At Ram Exteriors, we can provide you with the tips that you need to keep your attic cooler. 

Regularly Clean Your Ducts

If you clean your ductwork regularly, you’ll get better airflow through your home and can keep your attic cooler. This step works best if you install an air conditioning unit on your roof, though this will also increase your home’s HVAC bills.

Install Attic Ventilation Fans

Excessive attic heat is often caused by poor ventilation that traps the heat and stops your air from flowing. Attic ventilation fans help lower relative humidity and prevent condensation, as well as cutting back on your attic’s heat level and keeping it cooler.

Add Metal Roofing

Did you know that reflective metal roofing can stop heat from absorbing and minimize unnecessarily high heating bills? Thankfully, these roofs are also long-lasting and require minimal maintenance! 

Add Insulation

While you might think that insulation only keeps your home warm, that’s simply not the case. Properly insulated roofs can also keep your attic cool and minimize unnecessarily high heat levels. That’s a huge benefit for people with uncomfortable attics. It may be a good idea to add more insulation if your insulation is older, missing, or compressed. 

Put Up Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers are a unique spray-on item that you can use to reduce heat in your attic by 5-10%. Typically, they get installed along the roof beams and use other materials, like cardboard or plywood, to reflect the sun back into the sky and keep your attic comfortable.

Seal Up the Gaps and Cracks

Here’s a step that you might be able to do yourself: sealing up gaps and cracks throughout your attic. The step helps reduce heat gain and keeps your attic comfortable. That said, you should call us at Ram Exteriors if you feel uncomfortable taking this step yourself.

Get the Help That You Deserve

Are you ready to keep your attic comfortable and prevent unnecessarily high heat levels that may impact your HVAC bills? Call us at Ram Exteriors to schedule an inspection appointment today. We offer roof repair in Ambler, PA that can provide the high-quality support that you need. Our team will do whatever they can to ensure that you’re properly supported.