Improve Home Security With These Top Modern Window Safety Features

Improve Home Security With These Top Modern Window Safety Features

If you have traditional windows that are looking worse for wear, you should know that this does not only affect your home’s aesthetics — it also has a direct effect on your home’s security. Modern replacement windows in Doylestown, PA are far more durable and are made with all the latest security features to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are just a few of them:

Double And Triple Panes

Traditional windows only have one glass pane, but modern windows typically have double or even triple panes. Rather than having only one pane keeping a criminal from accessing your home, they will have to break through all of the layers of glass. Even if they managed to do so, the hassle would slow them down, giving you or your neighbors enough time to see them and alert the authorities. Some criminals may even give up on breaking in entirely once they see that your window is too much of a hassle.

Secure Locks And Latching Mechanisms

The most common type of “lock” found in traditional windows is known as a window latch. This simple mechanism allows you to either close the latch to keep the window closed, or open the latch so you can fully open the window. The primary problem with this, though, is that it is extremely easy to use even for those outside the home. If a criminal managed to break the glass, they could easily reach in, grab the latch, and open the window completely.

Modern windows, on the other hand, have a wide variety of secure locking mechanisms. Keyed window locks, for example, require a key for entry. You can also get a window with a key track stop that will only allow the window to open a certain amount — that way, you can still get fresh air without worrying about anyone breaking in.

Durable Materials

While traditional windows are usually made of wood, modern windows are usually made of vinyl. Wood is more susceptible to water damage, termites, warping, and rot. Vinyl, meanwhile, resists weathering and decay to the point where it can last for decades.

Tempered Glass

Traditional windows are made of standard glass, which benefits the window maker far more than the household owner. Standard glass is cheap to produce since it is heated to a lower temperature and cooled quickly. Tempered glass, meanwhile, is superheated and quickly cooled. The result is worth it for security-minded homeowners. Tempered glass is very difficult to break. Pair this with multiple panes and a durable frame, and you’ll have virtually impenetrable windows.

Make Your Home More Secure Today

If you like some of the security features of modern windows and you’re thinking of making the switch, we’re here for you. At Ram Exteriors, we’re window installation experts and can install secure, low-maintenance vinyl windows for your home. If you’d like to consult with us to buy or replace your windows, contact us today to schedule an appointment.