Residential Shingle Roof Replacements and Repairs – What You Need to Know

One of the many reasons so many Sellersville homeowners prefer asphalt shingles is because they are relatively easy to maintain. In fact, this single trait alone is part of what makes them such a great value. This is what many homeowners fail to realize – the importance of value.

Value is not always about opting for the rock bottom cheapest price. Truth be told, it is usually not the lowest price, because too cheap a price usually means that you get what you pay for. Good value is about finding superior quality products and service, at a more than affordable price.

Hence the reason why so many home and business owners make the wise choice to opt for shingles, when it comes to roofing materials. The initial upfront cost is reasonable, but then the service, maintenance and repairs are also cost-effective. The bottom line is that you will be glad you chose to have an asphalt shingle roof, and here are some of the reasons why.

Benefits of Repairing or Replacing Shingles

Simply put, a big advantage of opting for an asphalt shingle roof is that you can take care of individual shingles without the need for replacing the entire roofing system. In some cases, the damage may end up being more severe than originally believed, and total replacement may still be the best alternative. However, some examples of why and when focused work like this may be necessary include:

  • If you notice that part of one or more of your shingles is missing, it means replacing the entire shingle(s). The good news is that this is much better than having to replace the entire roof. Your local roofing contractor can find the same shingles, or something close enough to match, and simply swap out the old for the new. This goes a long way in extending the lifespan of your roofing system.
  • Sometimes even just strong winds can cause one or more of your shingles to go missing. The important thing is that you make it a point to respond quickly. Your roof is exposed in these areas until the shingles are replaced, meaning moisture can get in and cause significant damage.
  • Noticing some curled corners? The corners of your shingles can end up curling up or down. If you or a professional spot this, it can be repaired. In many cases, it will not even require the need to replace the shingle, just make repairs to what is already in place. However, even if the damage is beyond repair, the individual shingles can be replaced and still help you avoid the need for premature replacement of your entire roofing system.
  • The same thing holds true for even cracked shingles. In most cases, repair will suffice. However, a roofing professional will be able to determine if the damage is severe enough to need more than a quick fix. Either way, it will still be a more affordable alternative to total roof replacement.
  • The bottom line is that there is generally more flexibility in finding more cost-effective options to total roof replacement, when you have an asphalt shingle roof. Yet, whatever type of work you need done for your roof, the important thing is that you find a reputable expert to partner with in order to get your service needs addressed. This is why so many savvy locals rely on the pros here at Ram Exteriors.


Meet Your Local Experts

Since 1991, Ram Exteriors has been the name to rely on for all of your roofing service needs. Our job is to provide you with quality workmanship; our goal is to help you get the most cost-effective alternative, whenever that is possible. We will work with you to meet the individual needs of your roofing project, and hopefully be able to rectify the situation with just shingle repairs or replacement.

Your home is your biggest investment and we want to be a part of helping make sure that it looks its best, as well as in tiptop condition. Of course, this starts with the first line of defense against the elements – your roofing system. We take great pride in the work that we do and that shows in the results we achieve for every customer we team up with.