Roofing Company in Langhorne, PA

Offering High-Quality Roofing Services at Competitive Rates

Your home improvement project is powered by organized expertise and built-to-last quality when you choose RAM Exteriors! After 30+ years of custom home improvement experience, our local contractors in Langhorne have earned a reputation for dependability, affordability, and exceptional craftsmanship. From the free consultation until the final shingles are installed, your project goals become our own.

To earn your trust in all phases of home improvement, we go the extra mile during the design and planning phases. By taking the time to understand your exact preferences, we can help you reduce total costs and achieve a breathtaking finish that aligns with your dream exterior. Whether your vision entails new siding or more resilient roofing, our all-inclusive support equals turnkey project simplicity.

Our Services Include:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections


Not sure which services are best for your home? Our low-cost inspections and maintenance services are the best place to begin. We empower our Langhorne customers with factual information and no-nonsense repair quotes if we detect any issues with your roofing or siding.

Create the Exterior of Your Dreams With Our Free Design Services

Hopefully, you’re here for a beautiful remodeling project, not emergency storm damage! If you’re searching for an experienced contractor to assist with all stages of the remodel, our leading company in Langhorne, PA specializes in modernized theme updates.

With our creative professionals on your team, our contractors can help you:

  • Design a one-of-a-kind exterior aesthetic
  • Protect your home with higher-quality materials
  • Spend less on the entire project
  • Maximize your property’s long-term resale value
  • Enjoy your new and improved home in less time

To learn more about the many ways our company can elevate your home’s value, style, and safety, our information is free and our team is here to improve your project in any way that we can.

Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Fortunately, many common roofing issues can be identified with standard home evaluations. While walking your home in Langhorne, be on the lookout for:
  • Signs of water intrusion inside: Inspect all areas beneath your roofing materials for staining, active drips, mildew/mold, and rusting nails.
  • Visible roofing damage: From the ground outside, look for missing shingles, structural deformations, broken gutters, and other warning signs like water pooling or shingle discoloration.
  • Increasing energy bills: Hidden structural problems like minor cracks and weatherproofing failures may only be evident after a noticeable rise in your utility rates.
  • Roof age: Even the best asphalt shingle roofs have an expiration date. If your roofing is 15-25 years old, it’s advisable to seek a material inspection every 1-2 years to ensure structural safety and weatherproof performance.
For all of the above, contact our roofing company in Newtown, PA, and we’ll quickly help you find the best solutions for your property. All inspection, maintenance, and repair services are performed by licensed and insured contractors. In addition to support for all types of exterior damage, our proactive team provides year-round property care. 24/7, our emergency roofing and siding experts can solve leaks, storm damage, and every other type of structural damage with code-compliant expertise. However, we can help; all roof repair and replacement services in Langhorne, PA include free consultations and upfront estimates before work begins. If you’re hoping to spend less, our roof repairs in Levittown can often save your home from a premature roof replacement. If you’re ready to elevate your home’s curb appeal, our roofers will help you explore the latest and greatest trends in roofing and siding.