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Timeless style that’s built-to-last is the standard at RAM Exteriors! Starting with ease of project design and management, our skilled roofing and siding contractors can help with all phases of exterior improvement. Ideal for exterior needs ranging from code-compliant roofing inspections to luxurious siding replacements, we aim to simplify home improvement with every customized upgrade.

A cornerstone of our exterior services is project transparency and factual client education. When you partner with our roofing company in Yardley, PA, we work hard to honor your preferences and optimize your project with:

  • Free design service
  • Multiple budget-friendly options
  • Licensed, insured, & experienced contractors
  • Clear communication, tidy service, & always friendly attitudes


For basic fixes and full-service exterior remodels alike, our contractors make it easy to compare and contrast the best solutions for your home. We work directly with the leading roofing, siding, and window manufacturers, empowering our clients with better deals, more choices, and expertly engineered materials that are proven to withstand the elements in Yardley, PA.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairs

Leaks, rising energy expenses, and visible signs of structural damage are common signs that you may need a roof repair. With causes ranging from storm damage to aging material decay, any noticeable issues should be addressed as soon as an issue is detected.

On a monthly/quarterly basis, look for any unusual signs and symptoms of roofing issues. Inside the home, search for water stains, rusting nails, and bubbling drywall in the attic and along any surfaces beneath the roofing. Outside, look for missing shingles, sagging roofing materials, rusting junctures, lack of granules on shingles, and any other visible signs of damage.

After a serious storm, or on an annual/semi-annual basis, our professional roofing inspections make it easy to avoid costly problems. Our roofing professionals in Yardley, PA inspect shingles, flashing, roofing joints, and other hard-to-inspect features like gutters and chimneys to verify structural integrity and property safety.

If any noticeable issues are found, we can resolve the majority of concerns with affordable maintenance and repairs. If the damage is more extensive, we can help you compare the best options for a strong and stylish replacement.

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Work With Us & Find Out Why We’re Considered The Leading Roofing Company in Yardley

Shielding your home with superior materials and like-new roof repairs in Levittown is our promise with every service. With cost savings always in focus, all emergency roof leak repairs, window fixes, and siding replacements come with upfront pricing and factual material comparisons. For the latest in exterior design trends, we can enrich the color of your siding, modify the style of your shingles, or reduce your energy expenses with a stunning window installation that ties it all together.

For other top improvement services, such as remodels and new home builds, our experienced design team is your all-in-one resource. If you loved the original look of your home, we make it easy to modernize your defenses while restoring the original beauty of your exteriors. If you have forward-thinking plans to boost home value or create a unique theme, our expansive catalog of roofing and siding materials will fill you with creative inspiration for your design!

To learn more about the many ways we can help you save and improve your project, contact our home improvement experts in Yardley for a free consultation today!