The Impact Of New Windows On Noise Insulation & Home Security 

The Impact Of New Windows On Noise Insulation & Home Security

Upgrading windows is a major renovation. Changing out your old windows for newer ones makes your home look better, gives you better control over the temperature in your home, blocks noise, and may even increase the security of your home.

Windows today are available in three main types that go by the number of panes of glass in the window. If all you have right now are single-pane windows, you’ll want to look at dual- and triple-pane windows if you can find them.

More Layers of Glass Create A Better Sound Barrier

One of the major selling points of upgrading windows is their ability to block sound. They don’t block all sound, but they are a fantastic improvement if you currently have single-pane aluminum windows. Getting a dual-pane window is like closing two single panes, but better. Not only do you have two panes of glass between you and the noise, but the panes are thicker and in between the panes is enough air or gas to make it really hard for sound to carry.

You can also find triple panes from some suppliers, which only block sound more. Now you have three layers of glass and two layers of air or gas-like argon between you and the noise.

Note that if you replace only some of your windows, or if your walls are thin, you may still hear a lot of noise. If you want to upgrade one or a few windows, plan to upgrade all of them. That’s the best way to make the windows’ noise insulation really effective.

Also, if you currently have multi-pane windows that are very old, replacing them can help. As windows get older they can develop tiny cracks and such that pick away at the noise insulation properties. Very old windows (and yes, dual-pane windows have been available for a long time) can simply wear down just enough to no longer provide the same noise insulation that you got when the windows were new.

Replacing the windows, especially with upgraded models, fixes all those issues. If you get the same number of panes (e.g., replacing dual with dual), the level of noise insulation goes back to at least where it was before. With new windows, though, your home’s noise level could be even better.

More Glass Means Better Home Security

Upgrading your windows can enhance home security, too, in a couple of ways. One is that the newer frames will be in better shape and less likely to bend if someone tries to bust through the window. If you have very old single-pane aluminum windows, upgrading to dual-pane windows offers a newer, thicker frame. And if you upgrade to triple-pane, you get an even thicker and stronger frame.

The other is that the larger number of panes makes it harder for people to break through. Newer glass is thicker, so having two of those panes makes breaking glass tougher. But it’s important to note that dual- and triple-pane windows aren’t automatically impact-resistant. The glass in these can break, and you should plan your home security accordingly.

Upgrading your windows has many benefits — not just the ones listed here. If you need new windows in Doylestown, PA, or window repair in Bucks County, PA, call RAM Exteriors. We repair, install, and replace windows along with siding and roofs. If you want your home to be quieter, safer, and more comfortable, we can help.