Top 3 Reasons for Roof Damage and Wear

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What most don’t realize is that roofs have a restricted lifespan and can degrade under natural circumstances. Without proper maintenance and knowledge, you may end up significantly weakening your roof’s structural integrity. In this blog post, we take you through the top 3 reasons that lead to roof damage and how to spot them before they cause severe roofing problems.

Rain and Snow

Heavy rainfall can cause constant erosion to the outer shingle surface, which wears off the granules that cover the asphalt shingles over time. A worn-out roofing shingle makes it easier for the rain to seep through your roof, causing water damage to your ceiling. On the other hand, snow can also lead to the wearing down of your roof.

In colder temperatures, ice begins to accumulate on the roof’s surface, resulting in an ice buildup underneath the roofing shingles and causing them to lift out of place. This subsequently leads to water leaks, mold growth, and curling shingles. Consider seeking proper maintenance from a certified professional, such as RAM Exteriors, one of the best roofing contractors serving Doylestown, PA, to alleviate water and snow damage on your roof.

Your Roof Has Aged

Like most objects, time can significantly influence a roof’s efficiency. Even the most resilient roof will begin to display symptoms of wear and damage as time goes by. That said, the most common lifespan of a roof ranges from 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

An aged roof will show signs of wear, such as discolored tiles and worn-down granules in your gutter. More noticeably, look out for asphalt roofs with curling shingles or cracked sealant between tiles as they can expose vulnerable gaps, leading to roof damage like cracks, leaks, rot, and rust.

Extreme Outdoor Conditions

Bad weather can contribute to part of the reason your roof is defective. Aside from rain and snow, adverse weather, such as strong winds and extreme heat can generate prolonged damage to your roof. Strong winds like gales can cause roofing shingles to weaken and loosen out of place. This exposes sensitive timber and insulation, which protect yours under the layer of the roof. The roof’s structural integrity weakens, mainly when water soaks into it.

Furthermore, high winds or tornadoes can dislodge nearby tree branches and hurl debris onto your roof, damaging your tiles. Hot temperatures on a sunny day can batter your roof with intense UV rays, causing the asphalt to dry. It makes the roof lose out on its waterproof capabilities, leaving your roof susceptible to damage.


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