Ways Bathroom Remodeling Can Protect Your Health

Every home needs a remodel occasionally, not only to update appliances and fixtures but to repair current ones. The primary reason to remodel a bathroom is to give an instant boost to the property value of the home. Not only will a remodel make your place of refuge a haven of relaxation, but should you decide to sell, it aids in its overall value.

Benefits Of A Bathroom Remodel?

The three primary advantages or benefits of doing a bathroom remodel include the following:

  • Advancing the energy efficiency of toilets and faucets. Many homeowners use a remodel to update and install water-saving toilets and faucets.
  • A remodel can make your bathroom safer.
  • The way your bathroom functions are also improved by a remodel.

What Does A Bathroom Remodel Consist Of?

When you plan a basic remodel of your bathroom, it consists of the following:

  • Modifying the current sinks, vanities, and countertops.
  • Upgrading the tiling on the walls.
  • Repainting or wallpapering the walls.
  • A complete alteration of the flooring.

In addition to the above four modifications, many homeowners opt to upgrade the appliances and fixtures during a bathroom remodel.

A Remodel Improves Air Quality

The air inside a bathroom tends to be poorer than outside air. There are three types of pollutants present inside your home–biological, particulate, and gaseous. Our bathrooms tend to have air quality that is more toxic than any other room in the house. The pollutants present in your bathroom can cause several health conditions to flare up or be created. These conditions include:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergies
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Even the potential for certain cancers

 What makes pollutants such as gaseous ones so dangerous is it is hard to recognize these pollutants exist. One popular gaseous pollutant is called VOCs, these are the most threatening to our health. The material a home is built with often contains VOCs–such as caulking, paint, wood, adhesives, and drywall.

Another common biological pollutant is mold, more detectable than other VOCs because it emits an odor. Some other forms of biological pollutants include viruses, bacteria, and mildew.

Particulates are another form of indoor air pollutant. Some of the most common particulates include dust mites, pollen, diesel exhaust, dust, as well as any liquid particles or superfine solids. These air pollutants are especially toxic to people because of their ability to get deep down inside a person’s lungs.

Many homeowners chose to do a bathroom remodel for the primary reason of eradicating these biological pollutants.

Contact Ram Exteriors For A Healthier Bathroom

When you contact Ram Exteriors for a bathroom remodel, we will ensure we make your oasis a healthy one. Installing ceiling fans for better ventilation is one way of doing this. Skylights not only look beautiful, but they also permit polluted air particles to exit. Call Ram Exteriors today, at 215-315-7700. Discover for yourself how a bathroom remodel can protect the health of yourself and your loved ones!