Why Roof Inspections Are An Important Part Of Buying A New Home

Your home is more than just shelter. It’s possibly your largest investment, and the place where your family feels safe with a roof over their heads.

Like any major investment, a home needs to be properly and professionally inspected before purchase, top to bottom, starting with the roof.

Since your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, it takes a beating, from long exposure to the sun, heavy wind and rain, as well as snow and ice. Your roof maintains the environment within, keeping your family comfortable and safe.

With so much riding on a properly sealed roof, proper and professional attention should be paid to the roof from the very beginning, starting before the purchase. While it is essential to inspect older roofing for possible damage or neglect, it is equally important to inspect newer roofing to protect your investment and ensure a long, protective lifespan.

From financial and health perspectives, risking your family’s safety and security under a potentially defective roof is an unnecessary gamble.

The greatest expenses for homeowners can begin with an unidentified roof leak. Rain, snow, or melting ice gets passed the roofing material and into the structure, resulting in water damage, mold, and/or rot. Water damage can also attract insects such as termites, carpenter ants, or other pests that can cause additional damage. Certain types of mold can risk your family’s health, and if the insulation gets wet, it essentially becomes useless, increasing heating and cooling costs.

Many leaks are difficult to detect before they begin to cause damage. In fact, it’s often not until the telltale signs of water damage are noticed before they are traced back to a water leak resulting from roof failure.

Today’s roofing contractors in Lansdale, PA use materials and technology can provide many years of comfortable shelter and safety, but only if the roof retains its ability to seal out the elements. Roofing works as a system, which is only as good as its weakest point. One missing shingle, one failing seal, or one small hole is all it takes to begin a cascade of failures during the next storm. The question is not “if” but “when” for roof issues.

To avoid these potential issues and ensure a lifetime of safety and protection from the elements, get your roof inspected BEFORE you buy, and then periodically throughout its lifetime. Don’t put it off, don’t assume it looks fine from the ground, and don’t skip a professional inspection.