Why You Need Roof Inspections

No matter the type of roof structure, whether you have asphalt, wood, cedar, clay, metal, or other roofing shingles on your home, there will be a time when damage occurs and you need repairs. A roof inspection uncovers all the hidden problems you can’t see as a homeowner.

There are important things you need to know about your roof and why professional roof inspections can be so important. RAM Exteriors loves to help educate homeowners about roof damages and about why roof inspections are so important. Here are a few things you need to know.

Damages Can Happen Slow or Fast

Every day your roof goes through weather conditions that are damaging the structure. Shingles, woodwork, and more get saturated with the sun’s damaging UV rays as well as expand and contract according to the temperature causing the roofing shingles to wear down and crack over time.

All this works to make your shingles weakened over time, or can instantly create damage to your roof when there are high winds, tornadoes, or hail storms. It’s no wonder the shingles can either experience slow damages or can suddenly be annihilated by the weather.

Roof Inspections Uncover Hidden Problems

Roof repairs are important to have done, but you may not even know you need them. This is why a professional inspection in an important part of every roof’s ability to stay strong, and should be done in general every two to five years or as needed after damaging storms, hail, fire, impacts, and more have affected the structure.

How The Written Roof Inspection Report Saves You Money & Trouble

You can use your roof inspection report just for yourself to know what repairs you’ll need or you can use the report for insurance claims purposes or other important matters such as taxes. Our professional roof inspections are handled by highly trained inspectors who are educated and experienced to spot hidden roofing issues that go unseen.

For instance, if a storm damages your roof and you need to file an insurance claim, knowing that the decking materials underneath no longer conform to the latest building code safety standards can mean you’ll get it replaced whereas otherwise, you wouldn’t even know.

The inspection will uncover problems like this and more. Your entire structure will be carefully assessed and you’ll know all about your roof and what to expect of it in the future. We’ll provide you with an extensive, detailed, professional report you can use for any reason such as insurance claim filing or tax purposes.

Use An Insurance Restoration Company For Your Roof Inspections After Storm Damage

Whether you choose RAM Exteriors or another Sellersville roofing company, having help with your insurance claims is highly desirable. Your roof inspection is vital, but so is assistance with claims. With help, you can get the most from the claim to repair or replace your roof after storm damages.