A Closer Look At Different Types of Roofs

Replacing a roof is one of the most important home repairs you can make. Moisture leaking inside can damage every area of your home. Finding the right company for roof replacement in West Chester, PA is important to protect your home and your budget. If you’re unsure which roof type you would like to install, here’s a look at some of the more popular roof types.


The Gable roof is one of the most traditional designs. Gable is essentially a triangle with the base resting at the top while the sides connect with the ridge. Homeowners can choose the type of slopes they want. Gable is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is compatible with several types of home designs. In recent years, many homeowners have opted for a cross design that adds a layer of sophistication to the home’s exterior.

Hip Roof

The Hip Roof style has four slopes that connect to form a simple ridge. This roof style is appealing to some homeowners because there are multiple variations available, including a half style with two smaller sides. If you are considering this style, you probably think that your roof is bland and needs more color. Many homeowners who install a hip roof choose something colorful because their home is so visible.


The Dutch Gable roof is a hybrid mix of Gable and hip roofs. The Dutch Gable style stands out for the smaller roof connected to a more traditional hip roof. Dutch Gable style appeals to homeowners who have extra storage or attic space and would like to enhance the room with more sunlight.


The Gambrel roof style is dual sided with two slopes on each side. Installing windows to the side enhances the Gambrel roof and allows natural light to flow in. The more steep parts of the roof are visible, so homeowners generally opt to add more covering to the shingles.

Clipped Gable Roof

The Clipped Gable roof style includes two sides connecting to make a ridge. The bent sides create hips near the roof ridge. The innovative hips add value to a home’s exterior. If you’re considering the Clipped Gable roof style as part of your roof replacement in Doylestown, PA, you’ll need to hire a high-quality roofing company like Ram Exteriors.

Shed Roof

The Shed Roof style has become popular over the last decade. The Shed Roof style is similar to traditional designs, except its appearance is noticeably leaner. In the past, the Shed Roof style was the preferred choice for many porches and garages. However, it has currently become a popular roof choice for modern homes. If your home has a custom architecture, installing a Shed Roof is a solid option. You’ll also have the freedom to experiment with different window installations.

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