Different Exterior Needs of An Older Home

Different Exterior Needs of An Older Home

Many exterior needs come with an older home. You may need to replace the roof, repair siding or windows, and paint the exterior. It is important to know what you need so you can plan accordingly! This article will go step by step through the different exterior needs of an older home.

1. New Roof

After buying a home, you will need to have a contractor come out and assess the current condition of your roof. The average lifespan for a roof is about 20 years.

A new roof can be very costly depending on which materials are used, but it may just save the rest of your home from damage! If there are any cool-colored shingles left over when they start replacing them or if there isn’t enough insulation in certain parts of your attic, this too could cause problems later down the road with leaks and high energy bills. Are you in a dilemma of which company to contract due to the existence of multiple companies doing roof repairs in Buckingham, PA, then look no further; RAM Exteriors are experienced in all your roofing needs and are result-oriented.

2. Siding

Siding can be made out of vinyl, aluminum, wood, or even brick, depending on your home’s age and architecture style. If you notice any bubbling with paint around door frames, windowsills, or in between panels, it may be time to replace some sections of siding! It’s also important not to make too many drastic changes since this could cause problems matching the color up accurately – especially if there is more than one type of paneling. One way to get around this problem without having new pieces cut would be by adding molding that matches (or contrasts) the current existing colors but still looks like part of a larger design scheme for your house exteriors. For professional services, RAM Exteriors based in Pennsylvania is ready for you.

3. Windows

Older homes often need to be re-caulked around the edges of their windows and doors because, over time, they can become a little bit draftier due to weather damage or changes in humidity levels. If there is any rot on window sills, it’s also important to replace them since rotting wood will eventually cause mold growth. It’s easy enough to do this yourself if you know what type of caulk material works best with your current windows! Just make sure not to get it anywhere near-visible parts of glass – keep an eye out while doing so, too, since it could drip down from where you’re applying new caulking along the borders! For residents, Ram Exteriors are the best of all roofing companies in Bucks County, PA offering window repairs.

Are you from Pennsylvania and need someone to fix the exterior needs of your house? Ram Exteriors are the best option for you!