Do I Need Gutters? 3 Types Of Roofs And Their Gutter Needs 

Do I Need Gutters? 3 Types Of Roofs And Their Gutter Needs

When it comes to getting a new roof or doing roof maintenance, you may start to question the gutters you have. If you don’t have gutters, maybe it is time to invest. Gutters are required for some roof types, but not all roofs need them. They can reduce the water damage to your roof and manage the precipitation in areas with lots of rain and snow. Gutters also keep water and moisture off of your home’s foundation, preventing extensive water damage. Our roofing contractors in Warrington and other areas will help you determine if gutters are required for your home and help you get them if you do not have them already.

Traditional Shingle Roofs

Because there is not a lot of overhand with traditional shingle roofs, gutters are appropriate and should be placed on these roofs. Shingles are made to fit directly on the roof, so the purpose of gutters is valid. Your gutters must be far enough off your home to reroute the water away at least six inches around the foundation. This means they should also be maintained regularly because they can easily get covered in leaves and debris.

Metal Roofs

You may not need gutters if you add a tin or other metal roof to your home. This is because the metal can be cut to carry a significant amount of overhang around the foundation. With this much overhang, there isn’t a purpose or a place for the gutters because the overhang is doing the work for the gutters. Excessive overhangs and gutters can also be difficult because gutters are meant to hang flush with the home. If your roof has overhangs around the home, then the gutters will require a more in-depth and complex installation.

Tile Roofs

Like traditional shingle roofs, tile roofs are meant to be flush with the home and do not have any substantial overhang around the home. The way they are cut and the weight of the tile make overhang nearly impossible. This means that gutters are essential for these homes and should be installed if they are not already. The tile roof is one of the best to protect against moisture on the top of the home, but without gutters, you can have water damage on the ends of the room and along the foundation.

Does Your Roof Need New Gutters?

Whether you are looking to make an initial gutter installation or have those replaced currently on your home, it is time to reach out to local roofers in Bucks County, PA that have the knowledge and expertise you are looking for. Contact our Ram Exteriors team today for a quote on your gutter and roofing needs.