Hardieplank vs. Vinyl Siding: Which One Should You Choose?

Hardieplank vs. Vinyl Siding: Which One Should You Choose?

When you are looking to give your home or office a new look the type of siding you choose makes a big difference. Your choice between vinyl siding and Hardie board will affect the cost and time it will take for installation. Your siding contractors in Mercer County, NJ will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the correct form of siding for your needs.

The Benefits of Hardie Plank

Created by James Hardie Industries in the 1980s, Hardie Plank is durable and fire-resistant material. Your choice of siding will be affected by the style you wish to create on your property. If you live in an older home, Hardie Plank will give you a style closer to that of your property. The wood effect created by Hardie plank is more natural than that of vinyl siding and will be commented on by your friends and neighbors.

The fire-resistant nature of Hardie Plank has been tested to the extent it is not deemed a risk by the manufacturer. Hardie Plank materials are thicker than vinyl and can be backed with insulation that adds another layer of protection to your property.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

The main benefit of vinyl siding is its low cost when compared to Hardie Plank and natural wood. The cost of vinyl siding was one of the reasons for its creation in the 1960s when it was designed to take over from natural wood siding. The benefits of vinyl siding include its manufacture in several styles that give you the chance to find the perfect match for your property. Vinyl options can be installed quickly by our qualified technicians who work with a smaller crew than those needed for Hardie Plank.

The Cost of Siding

If you are looking to change the way your property looks, you need to explore the cost of different forms of siding. The cost of Hardie Plank can be between two and three times as high as vinyl. The high cost of Hardie Plank is offset by the 30-year limited warranty most manufacturers provide with this product.


The cost will always be an important factor in choosing between Hardie Plank and vinyl siding. You should consider the long life of Hardie Plank compared to that of vinyl, with the risk of damage higher with vinyl. The need for expert tools and a larger team of roofing professionals will drive up the cost of Hardie Plank, but you will be free from problems for decades to come.