How Accent Windows Can Update The Look Of Your Home

When you’re renovating your home, one often overlooked opportunity that homeowners miss is the chance to install new windows in Warrington. Accent windows can benefit your home in a few different ways. At Ram’s Exteriors, we want to help you update your home in a way that will bring you a greater return later. That’s why you should know a few ways about how accent windows can update the look of your home.

Add Color

One of the best ways that accent windows can update your home is by adding color to the exterior. With windows also comes the need for window shutters. Instead of just buying the same shutters that you always do, it’s worth the investment to try new shutters. For example, you’ll want to try something that contrasts with your siding. Shutters are a great way to add contrast to the home and develop a home’s trim. One color scheme to consider is the use of white siding with black shutters and trim. The bold black shutters will make your home look stately and professional. When you don’t have a lot of opportunities to bring color to your home, window shutters with your accent windows can be a great place to start.

Fun Shapes

Accent windows don’t have to be standard rectangular shapes either. They’re called accent for a reason. You should let yourself have some fun with them. Large bay windows can be great for a sunroom. Octagon-shaped windows might work well for a cozy room or an upper attic room. You may even throw caution to the wind and include a stained-glass window or something that looks medieval. Accent windows allow you to bring some personality to your home. It’s also just a great way to have some fun.

Change the Light in a Room

Windows can offer a room a lot of natural light. As most home renovators know, natural light can make a room feel bigger. By including more windows, even accent windows, you can allow more natural light to filter inside of the room. This can completely update the interior of your home. What was a dark and enclosed bathroom may suddenly be a place full of light. Bathroom users may no longer feel like they’re walking into a cave to use the bathroom. The accent windows make it feel airy and large instead.

Contact the Professionals

If you’re thinking about having accent windows installed in your home, then you need to call the best. Contact our team today, and we can help you find the accent windows that will suit your needs. We’ll also install them for you, so you know your windows are insulated.