How to Boost Curb Appeal with Trendy Siding Colors and Textures

How to Boost Curb Appeal with Trendy Siding Colors and Textures

If you’re a homeowner, you will naturally take pride in how your home looks to others. If you are considering a future home sale, its appearance will be even more significant. You can make changes to increase the home’s attractiveness to potential buyers, and replacing your siding is a great place to start.

Siding Brings Many Benefits

Home siding not only adds an element of decoration but also provides a shield against the elements of nature. Siding also provides a layer of insulation, which decreases energy bills. During the summer, siding prevents heat from entering the home, reducing utility bills.

When someone is shopping for a home, its colors can undoubtedly attract attention. The exterior of a house will be part of the first impression a prospective buyer will make. Although the exterior style of your home can conform to your personal preferences, making a deliberate choice of trending colors is a good investment in the future value of your home.

Choosing Siding According to Color

If you plan to install new siding on your home, consider its curb appeal value as you feel the types of siding you might choose. There’s nothing wrong with learning the current trending siding styles and colors to boost that appeal—and then picking one that you’re most drawn to. 

Blue is a popular color, but the dark presence of indigo – especially when paired with dark wooden accents – evokes feelings of comfort and durability. While steel blue isn’t as warm as indigo, it provides an additional perception of strength. If you’re looking for a trend that may seem more natural, many homeowners choose a combination of grays, faux stone exteriors, and shale trim. To complete this look, you can use gravel or other stones to pave your front walk.

Trending Styles in Home Siding

Several styles are catching the eye of today’s homeowners, who are looking for texture and color. One popular trend is fiber cement siding. This popular choice can look like bricks, shingles, or wood, depending on which company makes it. Homeowners and prospective home buyers like it because of its durability.

Traditional home siding panels are placed horizontally. Today’s trends are switching this up with vertical panels that accent the exterior and catch the eye. Some sidings contractors are placing these contrasting panels as borders. However, other contractors may use them to provide a crosshatch pattern on the side or rear walls of the home.

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