How to Prepare Your Property for A Roof Replacement

Roofing repairs can correct many problems that range from a missing shingle to damaged flashing. Yet, there eventually comes a point when you need to plan for a complete replacement. While the professionals will handle the bulk of the work, there are a few things you can do beforehand to help things go smoothly.

Plan to Temporarily Relocate Your Vehicles

With most homes, the driveway is an area that the roofers might need to utilize for storing the dumpster to haul away debris from the roof tear-off and replacement. You’ll want to make sure to move vehicles out of the way of the drop-zone.  

Take Precautions to Protect Your Indoor Belongings

Roofing professionals do their best to protect your personal belongings, but there will be some vibrations that occur along the ceiling and walls as they hammer away. Removing artwork and other delicate items from the walls can protect them against breakage. You might also want to cover any items that you have in the attic to prevent them from getting covered with dust.

Clear the Outdoor Construction Zone

Many people store grills, fire pits, and outdoor furniture around the perimeter of the house. Since these areas may be within the drop-zone, it’s best to move them for the time being. You’ll also want to trim any trees that come close to the roof to prevent them from hitting the roofers and materials. Then, mow the lawn to make it easier to see debris. Typically, you’ll want to clear about 15-feet of space around the perimeter of your home for a roof replacement in Buckingham, PA.

Create a Plan for Your Kids and Pets

Children are often curious about all of the activity that is going on above their heads. Yet, things can quickly get dangerous if they walk outside while the work is going on. Talk to your older children about how to stay on the safe walking paths, and consider finding somewhere safer for your little ones to play while the roofers work. This is also a good time to give your pets some time at the local dog park or go for a walk around the neighborhood instead of being in the yard with all of the extra activity.

Consider the Need for Power Sources

The roofers might need to access power outlets to use equipment such as a saw to cut replacement materials. If the outside of your house has electrical outlets, then make sure to identify their location and point them out to the roofers. If they need to access outlets that are indoors, then let the roofers know which ones are available, and consider marking any cords to reduce the potential for trip-and-fall accidents.

Work With a Pro to Plan Your Roof Replacement

Are you ready to get more insight into how to prepare your property for a roof replacement? Give our pros a call today! We’ll help you schedule the replacement and give you tips on how to care for your property while we work.