Interior Vs Exterior Renovations And How to Prioritize

Interior Vs Exterior Renovations And How to Prioritize

When it comes to home renovations, people tend to find themselves stuck trying to figure out what to do first. On one hand, fixing up the outside of your house boots its curb appeal and prevents major damage. On the other hand, you might just want to be able to relax without being irritated by the outdated carpet or paint indoors. Figuring out which renovations are a priority isn’t that hard when you start thinking about what each type provides for your home’s comfort and security. 

Cover Your Assets By Prioritizing the Roof

In the home improvement field, we often remind people that the roof keeps everything covered. If your home’s roof springs a leak, then your brand-new carpet becomes a mold risk. Not to mention how easy it is for pests to get in through a roof that’s developed holes in the sublayers. Utilizing professional roof repair in Chalfont, PA is quick and efficient. You’ll also feel better about moving on to other renovations when you know that your whole house is protected from weather damage. 

Keep Your Home Sealed With Window Repairs

The other aspect of home renovations that people tend to overlook is repairing or replacing windows. This simple update counts as both an interior and exterior project, which is a great starting point for being able to enjoy your home from all sides. Window repair in Doylestown, PA gives you sturdy windows that are critical for keeping the wind and rain out of your house, and you can see the difference from the curb. Indoors, you’ll love not having to worry about drafts or finding an errant insect making its way inside. 

Stay Secure From All Sides With New Siding

Old, wooden siding is susceptible to developing rot and other issues that pose a risk to your home’s structural integrity. Newer siding is made of vinyl that is resistant to water damage and can last for decades. Getting new siding essentially gives your home a facelift that makes pulling up in the drive more satisfying, and you’ll also be happy to know that this update helps to prevent termite infestations that can lead to a need for more costly renovations later on. 

Finish Up With the Indoor Updates

With the outside of your home shored up, you can set forth with your plans to turn the interior of your house into a comfortable oasis. Most people will want to start by updating the plumbing fixtures, which can help to prevent indoor issues. Then, wrap it all up with a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, and other additions that help to carry your design scheme throughout each room. 

Start Creating a Renovation Timeline

Have you decided that sprucing up the exterior is worth doing first? Our renovation experts are ready to help you start putting together a timeline for updates that increase your home’s value and overall aesthetics.