Maintaining Different Siding Materials

Maintaining Different Siding Materials

The siding on your home is more than curb appeal. Along with the roof, siding is a major protective barrier against the elements. It is important to maintain the exterior siding both for its appearance and its performance. Siding can deteriorate, discolor, fade, and become a surface for mold growth. Maintaining your home’s siding can prolong its life. There are several different types of exterior siding and each requires slightly different maintenance. We’ll try to take the confusion out of how to maintain siding with these tips.

Wood Siding

A thorough inspection of painted or stained wood siding will reveal cracks, dry rot, insect damage, and mildew. Any areas that are seriously damaged should be replaced with either shakes, clapboards, or panels. After repairs are made, your professional siding company will use a brush or low-pressure power washer to remove any build-up and mildew. Once the wood is clean, it will need to dry. Then, it can be scraped or sanded before applying a new painted or stained finish. A water-resistant sealer can be applied to stained wood siding to protect it from rain and the sun’s UV rays. Plan on cleaning and painting or staining wood siding roughly every 5 to 7 years. We also recommend that you trim back bushes and trees to allow for adequate ventilation

Aluminum Siding 

While aluminum doesn’t rust the way iron does, it still is subject to corrosion. This corrosion can be cleaned off with water and mild detergent. Once the corrosive layer is removed, paint can be applied to the siding. You can expect to have your aluminum siding repainted every 7 to 10 years. It should be noted that metal siding can be dented, so be mindful of that when tossing around the baseball in the yard.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is a great material for protecting a home. Vinyl siding repair in Doylestown, PA is fairly common. Our siding installers and technicians will fully inspect the siding for cracks, faded areas, mildew growth, and warped components. The siding will then be cleaned with either a soft brush and diluted detergent or with a gentle power wash. Once any soap residue is removed with water, the siding will dry on its own and the original color will be almost restored to new, as long as the maintenance is performed every few years. One thing to remember is that vinyl can melt if exposed to high heat, such as flames from outdoor grills. We suggest keeping gas and charcoal grills a safe distance from the house.

Fiber Cement Siding

As the premier siding and roofing company in Bethlehem, PA, we work with state-of-the-art products, such as fiber cement board siding. This is a composite of cement, cellulose fibers, and sand that is very durable and can stand up to the 4 seasons we experience in Eastern Pennsylvania. After inspecting the siding for chips, cracks, or loose boards or shingles, fiber cement boards can be cleaned with a soft brush or fabric cloth soaked in a mild detergent and water mixture. This will remove dirt, grime, and mildew and should be done routinely, even yearly. While these products often have solid color, they can be touched up with the manufacturer’s recommended paint. You can apply a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 10 years to brighten the appearance.

Call the Siding Experts

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