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Why Regular Inspections & Maintenance Is Important For The Longevity of Your Roof

Investing in proactive roofing care shields your family, home, and budget in many ways. As the first line of defense against rain, snow, hail, and strong winds, all features of the roofing system should be routinely evaluated for performance and structural integrity. By taking action to defend your roof, by extension, you defend your finances and your family! 

A roofing system is composed of multiple layers, and adequate roofing care goes beneath the shingles. Since roofing features like flashing, underlayment, decking, and water shields are difficult to inspect without professional equipment or roofing knowledge, it’s best to hire a qualified pro. Moreover, inspecting your roofing alone is a dangerous task; instead of risking your life on the ladder, our contractors back all inspections and maintenance with methodical caution. 

To maintain resilient weatherproofing and a lasting aesthetic, our seasoned roofers in Bethlehem, PA can evaluate all structures in a single visit. As a result of our comprehensive roofing inspections and maintenance in Bethlehem, PA, you benefit from: 

  • A better understanding of your current roofing system: Learn about material lifespan and be prepared for any potential upkeep needs.
  • Lower long-term upkeep costs: Our preventative services can add years to your roofing systems, preventing premature replacement, in-home water damage, and other problems associated with roofing neglect.
  • Enhanced home safety: Our code-compliant roofing specialists back all services with factual structural analysis. If any weaknesses, cracks, or weatherproofing issues are detected, our company works fast to restore the integrity of your home’s defenses. 
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For the very best service in Bethlehem exterior improvement contractors, give RAM Exteriors a call.

Leading Roof Replacement & Repair Company in Easton & Northampton, PA

Even with exceptional roofing and siding upkeep, even premier exterior materials will eventually fail. When they do, our solution-oriented roofers in Easton and Northampton, PA offer a variety of budget-friendly solutions for remodels, repairs, and new installations alike.  After a storm or before a small leak progresses, our repair companies in Easton and Northampton County, PA arrive equipped to handle all forms of structural damage. Ideal for sectional shingle replacements, gutter damage, and any other emergency repair involving your siding, windows, or roofing materials. In many repair situations, we can restore your roofing materials to like-new performance at a fraction of the cost.  If the damage is more extensive, or your materials have finally reached their expiration date, a siding or roofing replacement may be the most cost-effective option. Our full-service contractors in Northampton County provide support for homes of every size, offering turn-key project management for new and improved roofing that’s completed in less time.  If a new installation is the best option for your home in Northampton or Easton, PA, our roofing contractors in Allentown, PA offer: 
  • Free design planning services
  • Upfront project estimates
  • An extensive catalog of premier styles
  • Leading roof and siding warranties
  • Accessible financing options
  • All-in-one project management

Why Work With The Roofers at RAM Exteriors?

Our roofers in Bucks County and Bethlehem take pride in their work. Your safety and finances are directly impacted by the quality of our work, and protecting your home with excellent craftsmanship is a responsibility we take seriously. To guarantee a higher standard with every home improvement project, all services involve numerous precautions for installation accuracy, code compliance, and a weatherproof style that lasts. 

The same attention to quality installations is only paralleled by our friendly service model. When you partner with our communicative team in Easton, PA, we listen, adapt, and do whatever we can to honor your preferences. We’ll gladly help you compare numerous colors, and material choices, and only move forward with the project plans if you love every detail. With our client-first roofers on your team in Easton or Bethlehem, PA, respect for your needs, wishes, and budget always comes first. 

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Would you like to compare our premier siding and shingle roofing options side-by-side? We make it easy to explore the best residential styles we have to offer. For creative inspiration, browse our previous projects and preview the stunning finishes we can help you achieve. 

For a free design consultation, our companies in Bethlehem and Northampton County, PA offer online and in-person planning support. We can simplify your affordable fix or beautiful residential improvement, get in touch with our leading roofing and siding companies to bring out the best in your home’s exterior today!

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