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There’s no need to go elsewhere than RAM Exteriors when it comes to finding the best exterior remodeling contractors. We have accrued over 20 years of service providing the Bethlehem area with the absolute best in exterior home improvement services. Each of our experienced contractors is completely committed to providing home owners with the best customer service experience and the absolute highest pedigree of work.

We can answer the service needs of Bethlehem home owners. When you get the service of our expert contractors, you will receive only the best results, that will help provide your home with an increase to its curb appeal and value. Some of the home improvement services we offer are:

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For the very best service in Bethlehem exterior improvement contractors, give RAM Exteriors a call.

Residential Roof Repair & Replacement in Northampton County, PA

There is no better way to go about improving the exterior of your home than with the assistance of the siding specialists at RAM Exteriors. At RAM Exteriors we will be able to help you find the perfect siding for the look and feel of your Bethlehem home, and set about installing it without delay. There is a wide-variety of siding options available to homeowners, so we offer our experience and assistance in helping find the best options that fit with your design. Easton, PA homeowners need a quality roof on top of their homes. Without a durable, strong roof, life isn’t so simple, especially when it rains, snows or strong winds blow through the area. If you have concerns about the roof on your home or if it is not in good condition, call our Easton, PA roofing professionals for help. Our goal is to protect your home with a great roof, whether that means we replace or repair the current fixture. We also offer emergency roofing in the Easton area when mishaps occur after normal business hours. Our roofers take pride in quality work and customer service. When you need roofers that put your needs first, let’s talk!

We only use the highest rated manufacturers, who provide us with only the best quality goods, so we can pass on the highest degree of craftsmanship to you. For the very best in Bethlehem siding installation services, look no further than RAM Exteriors. The average roof has a 20-25 year lifetime, although a variety of factors impact that time and not every roof lasts this length of time. It is imperative that homeowners to keep their roofs in order to ensure it’s in the best condition for the longest possible timeframe. Regular preventative maintenance service ensures roofing problems do not get the best of your home. However, expect the need for repairs now and again, especially after harsh weather erupts.

Keeping your roof in the best working condition is important, which is exactly why you should never settle for second best when having your roof worked on, repaired, or replaced. Due to this, you should turn to RAM Exteriors for your home roofing solutions. We can handle all of your roofing needs, from general maintenance to repairs and even full roof installation. Many signs suggest a problem with the roof on your home, including those outlined below. Pay attention to the roof on your home and call our roofers when there is trouble and you need roof repair. Put off the call for roof repair and not only will it cause discomfort and stress for the family, but greater expense when you finally make the call. Why put yourself through such hardship when we offer top-notch roofing service at some of the best prices in town? We’re one of the roofing companies you can trust for residential roof repair.

Residential Roof Replacement in Bethlehem, PA

Perhaps a roof replacement is better than a repair. Allow our Bethlehem, PA roofers to inspect the condition of the roof to make this determination. Why throw money away on residential roof repair if residential roof replacement is the best option? A new roof offers years of durability and home protection, whereas repairs simply toss money into a product that eventually needs to be replaced. Once our roofers inspect the roof, you’ll know if repair or replacement is best. Rest assured our honest roofers provide you with the best answer. We lookout for the best interests of our customers. We’d rather make a happy customer than an extra dollar when they trust us for residential roof replacement. We offer quality shingle roof replacement and repair service when you call us to request service.

Dependable Siding & Roof Repair Experts in Bethlehem

If your siding is drab and needs siding repair or if your roof is looking a little worse for wear, you could benefit from experienced care. That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you call RAM Exterior for your roof repair, siding repair, replacement windows, and other roofing services in Bethlehem, PA.

Why Our Roofers are the Best in Bethlehem, PA

While there are many siding and roofing companies in Northampton and Bethlehem, PA, our premier roofing company sets the bar. That’s because our roofers in Northampton County, Pa are experienced. We’ve been working on projects like siding repair, roof replacement, shingle roof replacement, and replacing vinyl siding for years.

Those years have taught us a lot about siding and roofing in Easton, PA. We’ve faced challenges when performing a roof replacement or roof repair and overcome them. Our experience is yours from which to benefit.

Another reason we stand out from other companies is because of our commitment to the job. Some siding and roofing contractors in Northampton, PA may just perform a shingle roof replacement without checking it afterward.

Inexperienced roofers may even break your roof further when attempting to do a roof repair or siding repair. That isn’t the case with our premier contractors in Northampton County.

The Best Roofers in Bethlehem and Northampton County

We take the time to carefully check every detail in every residential roofing and vinyl siding service we provide. We’ll even make sure that your replacement windows in Easton, PA are installed correctly. We go the extra measure to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.

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If you need a residential roof repair in Bethlehem, PA, then we’re the ones to call. You can expect friendly service, a great work ethic, and experienced care. Call us today.

Our premier siding and roofing services include siding repair for homes. Our siding contractors repair vinyl siding and install vinyl siding as well as many other siding materials. Many issues may cause damage to your vinyl siding, resulting in the need for siding repair. Whether it’s a weather-related concern, wear and tear or old age, our premier siding and roofing experts come to the rescue and resolve the problem in no time. We are the vinyl siding Bethlehem, PA residents trust.

Improve the efficiency of your home with our replacement windows service. New windows add appeal and charm to the home, reduce drafts, add more comfort to the home, and save money on heating and cooling costs. Replacement windows even add value to the home, an important factor for anyone that plans to sell in the near future. You trust us as your premier siding and roofing experts; you can also trust us for your replacement windows needs.

If you reside in the Easton or Northampton County area and need siding contractors, shingle roof replacement, residential roof repair, or new windows, call us today to request your free, no-obligation estimate. Use this estimate to compare our costs with other Bethlehem, PA premier siding and roofing providers. We’re confident in our roofing prices and services and think you’ll feel the same way. You can request a quote for roofing in Allentown, PA with confidence when you call RAM Exteriors!

Our expert roofers can inspect your roof and come up with a residential roof repair plan custom to your home. No two roofs are the same and the problems they experience often require custom repairs. Our roofing team will repair your roof no matter what material is used to create it.

For example, we offer shingle roof replacement in the event that the shingles on your house are starting to degrade. We’re also experienced in working with other roofing materials.

Our expert roofers can perform long-lasting roof repairs or vinyl siding repairs. Not near Easton or Bethlehem, PA? You can work with our premier contractors in Northampton County for roofing or vinyl siding repairs and replacements.

If your roof is damaged too severely or it’s past its lifespan, then it’s time for a roof replacement. Other roofing companies may not be experienced with replacing certain roof types, but we are. We can offer shingle roof replacement as well as other materials.

We understand what you need your roof to be replaced quickly. Our contractors will work diligently and quickly to help you return to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Aside from roof repair, we’re also proud to offer siding repair services. Our company performs most exterior fixes like vinyl siding and replacement windows. Siding is not only an important aesthetic feature to your home, but it also keeps it protected. When your siding starts to peel away or just doesn’t hold up anymore, then it’s time to either have it repaired or replaced.

Our team can expertly repair or replace vinyl siding or other types of siding. We’ll carefully repair it to preserve the integrity of the structure beneath it. We can also help install replacement windows no matter how custom your windows are. If your windows just need new glass, then we can also help you by installing the new glass into the existing frame.

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Whether you need roof repair or other exterior maintenance in Northampton, PA or the surrounding areas, then call us. Our team is ready to deliver custom repair solutions to your specific project. Your trust is important to us, and we want to offer you high-quality service at a great price. Contact our team today to see what else we can do for you.