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Are You in Need of Allentown Roofing Experts?

Protect your roof and you protect your home, it is that simple. While there are certainly other ways in which you can also safeguard your house, roofing is the most critical step to take.

RAM Exteriors is the top choice for roofing contractor work because we go above and beyond to take care of the needs of our clients. We want to help you get the maximum lifespan and peak performance for your rooftop.

Sellersville Allentown Roofing

Your Local Replacement Window Pros

When it comes to replacement windows, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That is why it is vital to opt for custom windows. However, many people want to know what goes into the selection making process for new windows:

You will want to weigh the pros and cons of the various materials available for your windows. Wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass are your options and it is vital that you know what each style has to offer.

Although single-pane is still a choice, most homeowners invest in double or even triple-pane for the glass. Single-pane is only appropriate in the mildest of climates and does not pair well with the winters we get here.

Know more about the ratings for energy-efficiency. The higher the R-value the better the insulating capabilities. That will mean lower energy bills and a more environmentally responsible household.

Double-hung, sliding and bay are all types of windows that you can have in your home. The average household has a combination of more than one window style. Know your options even if it means remodeling some of your windows into something more extraordinary.

Superior Vinyl Siding Services in Allentown

What most people don't realize is that Allentown is the third largest city in PA, behind Pittsburgh and Sellersville. That means a lot of homeowners and a lot of vinyl siding.

We are the preferred company to call on for service like vinyl siding and that's because we know the industry and care about our clients. Let us help you to better protect your household, from the outside in.

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