Preparing Your Home For a Roof Replacement: Six Key Steps

Preparing Your Home For a Roof Replacement Six Key Steps

Ram Exteriors, a trusted local roofer in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, frequently performs complete roof replacements. This procedure more closely resembles a new roof installation than a simple roof repair. As one of the top roofing companies in Bucks County, PA, we suggest you consider taking these six steps:

1. Plan on Temporarily Vacating the Premises (If Necessary)

Residing on the premises during a roof replacement somewhat resembles living on a construction site. Consider temporarily relocating your family members and pets during this period if roofers must install a new sub-roof. Undertake an extended family vacation, enjoy time visiting close relatives, or book a reservation at a residence inn.

2. Notify Neighbors As A Courtesy

Tell your adjoining neighbors about your upcoming roof replacement project. Request their consideration. Ask them to keep pets and children away from your yard, and to refrain from parking in the street immediately outside your property. You’ll want to leave this area clear for construction vehicles and equipment.

3. Prepare The Yard

Prior to the roof replacement, mow the entire yard and trim any vigorously growing trees and bushes. You’ll want to ensure roofers obtain easy access to the upper levels of the residence from outside the home. Remove any wasp nests, beehives, or other hazards from nearby vegetation. Materials falling from the roof might cause property damage. Remove furnishings from the patio and yard. Park vehicle(s) well away from the residence.

4. Temporarily Turn Off The Power (If Necessary) And Remove Rooftop Fixtures

Before the roof replacement, remove satellite dishes, TV antennas, and solar panels temporarily from the roof. You’ll likely require skilled assistance from your television cable company and your solar power company to complete these projects. Leaving fixtures on the roof might result in significant construction delays and additional fees. Ask your power company to inspect your home and, if necessary, temporarily disconnect overhead power lines entering the home through the roof to create a completely safe work area for your roofers and reduce fire hazards.

Inspect And Clear The Attic

In some (but not all) cases, a roof replacement requires roofers to rebuild the lower levels of a roof. This activity may expose portions of the attic to the elements for brief periods of time. Inspect your attic with care. Make sure you relocate any items kept in the attic temporarily.

6. Protect Fragile Furnishings

Heavy pounding may rattle homes during roof replacements. Remove any breakable wall hangings. Pack glass chandeliers, ceramic items, and other fragile wall or ceiling decorative displays into boxes to prevent accidental damage.

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