Safe Roof Treatments To Deter Moss & Fungi Growth 

Safe Roof Treatments To Deter Moss & Fungi Growth

When you are maintaining a roof, one thing you have to keep in mind at all times is that it will be susceptible to agents such as moss, fungi, and algae. Some types of roofs are more prone to fungi and mosses while others, such as a metal roofs, will be less likely to experience those problems. In most cases, you can clean the roof yourself, but you will find the job to be a large job that takes time and resources to clean.

When you need to clean the moss or fungi from your roof in Pennsylvania, consider our roofing services in Buckingham and the surrounding area. We can help you to identify what you need to use to clean the roof and can help you to get the job done. Before you call a contractor, learn about the different types of roofs and what you need to do to treat them safely in Pennsylvania.

Cleaning Moss and Algae Stains From Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most common types of roofs, and many asphalt roofs are over a decade old. When moss or algae gets on a roof, you will see streaks and stains, and possibly some missing shingles. You may also see some shingles that look weathered but have really been eaten away by the moss that breaks down the outer granulation of your asphalt shingles.

The more frequently you clean your roof, the longer it will last. Bleach is a common solution to use on asphalt shingles, and mixing it with water will help to ensure that the cleaning agent will not create more wear and tear on roof fibers. You don’t want to mix bleach with other chemicals, or you will create a noxious and harmful gas. Water is the ideal solution to mix with bleach. Ask roofers in Bethlehem, PA when you are looking to clean your roof to see what is the best way to clean your asphalt roof.

Cedar Roof Needs More Maintenance

A cedar roof is a beautiful roof and one that is envied by many. But this type of roof needs to be maintained more regularly. Wood roofs have a tendency to break down quicker than asphalt, although cedar shingles are the wooden shingles that will last the longest.

Natural breakdowns happen with cedar roofing due to its natural fibers. Specific chemical agents can be used, but you want to be as gentle as possible on your cedar roofs. Power washing is also not always recommended, as that could drain the natural resin from the cedar, an element that makes the cedar beautiful.

Treatment Tips With Other Roof Types

When it comes to other roof types, roof types like tar and cement will be easier to clean. You can power wash these roofs and use different types of chemicals on them. More potent chemicals can be used, and you won’t have to take as much care rinsing repeatedly as you would if you have shingles on your roof. Look for areas where seams are bending or bursting and bubbling, and different types of spots or holes are appearing in your tar or cement. These are signs your cement or tar roof needs more maintenance than cleaning.

Hire a Contractor in Pennsylvania

When you are looking to clean your roof of fungi and moss in Pennsylvania, contact Ram Exteriors. Cleaning your roof of these harmful spores is a time-consuming task that can take repeated cleanings to get the job done right. A good contractor will know what can be used on your roof, save you time and money, and clean your roof with treatments that will deter moss and fungi growth in the future. Call us for a quote today.