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Your project gains over 30 years of roofing and siding expertise with RAM Exteriors on the update! Our client-first roofing company is devoted to exceptional craftsmanship, offering the perfect balance of durable value and modern style. 

Proudly supporting new builds, stylish remodel, and like-new repairs across Allentown, PA, our exterior improvement experts make it easy to update the look and longevity of your property. For every budget-conscious homeowner, our preventative inspections and maintenance services can significantly reduce long-term upkeep expenses. If you’re searching for the latest in exterior trends, our beautiful portfolio of custom siding and roofing styles unite superior weatherproofing with your choice of color and material type. 

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Why You Should Hire Our Highly-Rated Professionals For Your Roofing or Siding Project

When you partner with our roofing and siding experts in Lehigh County or Allentown, PA, you can expect: 
  • Honest service recommendations
  • The best local rates on materials and labor
  • Resilient quality that’s backed by outstanding warranties
  • Simplified project management; from concept to completion, we are your full-service team for all phases of breathtaking home enhancement

Included with all projects, our contractors strive to be approachable and accessible at all times. You’re making an important investment in your home, and our roofers understand that supporting you is just as important as providing a superior residential finish. By providing factual project explanations, organized planning, and straightforward pricing, we hope to earn your trust before, during, and after the project is complete.  Whether you call our contractors in Allentown for an emergency roof repair or a stunning siding replacement, our team is always here to answer questions, customize the plan, and accommodate your special requests in any way that we can. 

We Offer The Best Roofing Services at Affordable Prices in Allentown, PA

Our company’s roofers in Allentown and Lehigh Valley, PA have direct access to the nation’s leading manufacturers. Our trusted partner companies empower our repair and installation team in Lehigh Valley, PA with:

  • The best roofing systems in the business
  • A diverse variety of siding options 
  • Energy-efficient windows 
  • Better roofing and siding warranties
  • Affordable finance options 
  • Like-new shingle and siding replacements; we can match any tone and style, making it easy to restore your home’s appeal and weatherproof performance

After a roofing, siding, or window replacement in PA, maintaining your valuable investment is the key to minimizing long-term costs. Ask our roofers about our inspection and maintenance care for the life of your materials. Our company can organize an ongoing care plan on your behalf, providing annual check-ups and seasonal upkeep to ensure adequate drainage, tight seals, and leak-free structural safety. 

Signs You Need Siding or Roofing Repair

The moment you notice any of these siding or roofing warning signs, our company’s repair teams will be on the way in less time. On a monthly/seasonal basis, walk your property and look for: 

  • Shingle problems like curling, displacement, moss growth, or granule loss
  • Structural issues like broken edges, sagging sections, or rusting features
  • Drainage problems like pooling water or clogged gutters
  • Siding stains, mildew formation, missing panels, or visible material breakdown
  • Interior warning signs; be aware of stains on the drywall, drafty conditions, musty odors,  or active leaks/pest invasion caused by gaps in your exterior materials

With 24/7 emergency support for all of the residential needs above, our mission is to be the fastest and most reliable roofing, siding, and window repair company in Allentown, PA. For an affordable repair and maintenance quote, get in touch with our top roofers and we’ll simplify the fix today.

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All siding and roofing services in Bethlehem begin and end with ease of customization and more ways to achieve the finish of your dreams. For a detailed replacement estimate and free planning support, reach out to our helpful company and compare a variety of the best shingle, window, and siding options today.