Should You Repair or Replace Old Windows?

Should You Repair or Replace Old Windows

Over time, windows get broken, cracked, leaky, and foggy, which affects their functionality. At this point, you might begin wondering whether you should patch up or replace the old windows. Consider contacting our professionals for the best replacement windows in North Wales, PA, if you are in such a dilemma.

Making a decision might be tough since you have to account for several issues such as the costs and time. When you remove the cost issues, many people opt for a replacement instead of a patch-up. But with the rising cost of installation, with a single window going for over $300 to a few thousand dollars, getting new windows for a whole building might be expensive.

Age of the House

One essential factor to consider when deciding whether it is ideal for fixing or replacing your windows is the age of your house. The main reason why this is important is that lead-based paints were legal before 1978. Most buildings constructed before then used this paint type. However, it can be problematic because lead dust is often released into the air when opening old windows causing lead poisoning, especially in young children. When dealing with such a house, the best decision is to replace the entire window. It could help minimize the areas that release lead in the air, potentially a lifesaver.


Another big factor to consider when deciding the best option between window repair and replacement is the cost. How much money does it cost to replace a window in comparison to fixing it? Which is the most feasible option for you both in the short-term and long term? By determining what option is feasible for you, it is easier to make the decision.

Appearance and Aesthetic Value

When making the decision, it is also crucial to closely inspect the windows to determine what is wrong. It is relatively easier to patch up than replace the whole window for simple issues such as chips, small cracks, or a couple of broken panes. If the issues are minor, simply hire a professional to repair them for you.

You should consider replacing the window if the issues are major and require more than a simple patch-up. Before reaching this point, you can consider calling a professional to inspect the window for you to help determine the best cause of action. Making the right decision might save you a lot of money, time, and effort.

When Should you Consider Repairing Your Windows?

You can opt to patch up your old windows if you notice:

  • Cracks or broken panes
  • Small amounts of water leaking
  • Destroyed or missing exterior drip caps
  • Inferior exterior castings
  • Stuck or slow-moving window sashes
  • Broken mullions on the panes

When Should You opt to Replace Your Windows?

Below are cases when window replacement is the ideal choice for you;

  • Major water leaks
  • Foggy panes with internal condensation
  • Poor structure
  • Inferior internal millions

Are you looking for professional advice before deciding which is the best move to make? Contact RAM Exteriors, the best roofing contractor in Devon. Our experts will offer you the best advice on how you should handle the old windows. Remember, with frequent inspection and maintenance, your windows will serve you longer.