Why Rain Gutter Maintenance Is A Crucial Part of The Health of Your Roof

Though gutters are often an overlooked exterior component of your home, they execute important functions. Moreover, if your gutters are not properly maintained, they could precipitate serious, potentially costly roof problems and lead you to seek professional roof repair in Bucks County. Here is a breakdown of the relationship between poorly maintained gutters and roofing issues.

Purpose of Gutters

Gutters are a network of channels surrounding your home’s exterior. The primary purpose of these structures is to funnel water safely and effectively away from your home.

Problems Clogged Gutters Can Bring to Roofs

As the inside of gutters are open spaces, over time, these hollow expansions can become clogged with debris like dirt, dust, pollutants like animal waste, and objects like leaves. Should an obstruction become pronounced enough, water will not be able to flow through the gutters properly and create roofing concerns like:

Water Accumulation

When water that lands on the roof has nowhere to flow, it can backup and collect on the roof. This continual moisture can weaken the structure’s various materials, which often brings forth the list’s next item.


Eventually, excessive water accumulation will cause leaks. A leaking roof has the potential to destroy property and potentially even lead to indoor flooding. Leaks, big or small, should be addressed as soon as possible. If the leak is confined to one specific location or is relatively tiny, the roof still may be fixable. However, should leakages be widespread or discernibly large, roof replacement will likely be indicated.

Diminished Aesthetic Quality

A damaged roof will often project a diminished aesthetic quality. Specific manifestations might include broken shingles, missing pieces, an uneven or sagging appearance, stains and discolorations. Such untoward and unsightly occurrences not only decrease a home’s curb appeal but could even render completing the residence’s eventual sale a greater challenge.

Pest Attraction

The water damage potentially induced by poorly maintained gutters could lead to the rotting of roof materials. Prolonged incidents of rotting often attracts of variety of bothersome and potentially destructive pests like insects of rodents.

Gutter Remediation

Industry professionals recommend that your home’s gutters be cleaned at least twice per year. However, further clearings might be indicated in the wake of major storms or wind events. Additionally, many safety experts suggest that gutter remediation be handled by a professional gutter clearing service. If you are inexperienced performing this task or getting up onto ladders, you might be risking significant injury.

Contacting Us

If you have noticed any of these roofing problems, you are strongly urged to contact us. Our team of licensed, experienced and professional roofers can perform a thorough evaluation of your roof, identify specific problems, and formulate the most optimal remediation plan. Further information about our company and the services we provide can be accessed by visiting our website.